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Jewels of Earth Book Series

5 out of 5 starsWow!!! what a find

By Ladell Neitzel on February 2, 2015

"The First Jewel of Earth opened my mind to new possibilities.. I could not put it down, except to sleep. at the end of the book, I kept looking for the next one. The writing style is impressive, definitely keeps my interest and wanting to come again. I appreciate this series."


2nd Jewel of Earth- James W. Geenhalge

By Keith O. Briggs on February 7, 2008

Format: Paperback

Second in the series. Better than the first, which is to be expected. I was really impressed with Chapters 4,5,6,... the best explaination of creation I have heard. Then he ties the book together with book one and gets it going again. I really like this series because of its' combination of struggle, fanatsy, religon, and the unknown.

Fantasy with meaning

By Keith O. Briggs on January 30, 2004

Format: Hardcover

".. the authors unique way of explaining mythology through a very complex yet easy to visualize..It was done in a subtle way but one that I enjoyed enough to smile about. I enjoyed it and look forward to reading the next in this series!"

About the Author

James W. Greenhalge

A traveler at heart, Jim’s 
interests flow easily from one topic to another - past, present and 
future.  Fascination with the scientific 
method leads seamlessly into the imagination of science fiction, while a love 
of history and human culture competes with a sense of the mystical and the 
magical.  When some grounding in this 
reality is required, he practices law in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his 
wife, Mary, who has traveled with him for more than twenty-five years.  They have one son.


 “If we begin with the premise that there is a 
design to this universe,” says the author, “the truth of its construction is 
just waiting to be discovered.  Life is a 
journey of discovery, and we are all travelers.  
Enjoy the journey!”


Jewels of Earth: "Then quietly the Counselor continued, “Your traveling is needed again. The pendant you wear was purchased at an awesome price. That much is finished! And no principality or power—in heaven or on earth—can undo that accomplishment. The bridge has been rebuilt and the path has been thrown open. Now you must complete your traveling in fear and trembling. Salvation is between you and the King, but working out your salvation is between you and Me. Wisdom has been given to allow you to see the plan, Knowledge to understand the circumstances, and Belief in the Plan to strengthen you for the long, hard journey. Choosing life,” here the Counselor hesitated, touched again by the inestimable cost of that horrific sacrifice, “provides you with an inerrant compass toward home. Now I need you to acquire Right Standing, the privilege to face the Creator in His throne room. He is perfection itself, chosen mortal, and all imperfection will be consumed by His righteous indignation. Your best efforts will not be enough!” 
“Not enough?” The last sentence echoed down the corridor. Your best efforts will not be enough? How was he to acquire something which his best efforts could not attain? 

How do you acquire the unattainable? Fifth in the Jewels of Earth collection, the continued fighting in the “forever war” has already cost the king His life and the Traveler narrowly escaped with his own. To return to the fluid battlefield of time is dangerous enough, but the enemy is attempting to alter the timeline and the forces of the Cabala are taking matters into their own hands. Failure forfeits the future. Yet even if he succeeds, the Traveler risks never being able to return home. 

His journey is yours. Join the resistance! There is a jewel waiting for you!" 










Kathy Conrad Book Review - Feb 10, 2016


I'm about to finish the final chapter of "The Fifth Jewel of Earth" an amazing epic book series written by Attorney James W Greenhalge from Colorado Springs, CO.


As I finish up this thought provoking book, I feel I am losing a good friend. The lead character "traveler" in this intriguing futuristic time traveling story along with his supreme companions have taken me on a journey, back to the beginning of time to fight in a war between good and evil.

This brilliantly written book series, (which will finish up with The 7th Jewel), by Greenhalge, an avid and passionate historian, has given the reader the opportunity to gain a whole new perspective on events past, present and future.


The "Jewels" series is written so that the reader may start with any one of James' books and immediately get up to warp speed with the entire series of characters.  I can not wait to get my hands on the "The First Jewel of Earth"!!

A FREE trial copy for your kindle is waiting for your jouney to begin on 

I give James W Greenhalge and The Jewel of Earth book series a Kathy Conrad Five Star Rating ***** and look forward to the premier of The Jewel of Earth Motion Picture.  The First Jewel of Earth




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