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The Jewel of Earth Motion Picture Based on the original book series "The First Jewel of Earth" by James W Greenhalge from Colorado Springs, CO is currently in pre-production.


"He's waiting for you!' With this enigmatic invitation, the Traveler finds himself swept into a world that is completely alien, yet strangely familiar. He is told that he will be returning home, but this new world is inhabited by elves, trolls and centaurs. Everything is changed! Magic, mysticism and superstition seem to hold more power than logic and rationality. And a disturbing truth emerges: Human history is being deliberately rewritten to disguise an invasion by rebels from another dimension intent upon harnessing humanity to their will. Opposing them is the sovereign government from this same dimension, whose leadership will not become directly involved in the struggle. Humans must be recruited, then trained to resist this distortion of history. Given the assistance of two extraordinary companions and a magical pendant, the Traveler is told to recover an item lost in the conflict since antiquity, an integral part of a more powerful mechanism, the First Jewel of Earth.You will find yourself challenged to place this book within conventional categories. Is this fiction, fantasy or prophesy? Is this story set in the distant past or the emerging future? Is it possible that two alien forces have been struggling for control of human history since the beginning of time? Join the Traveler in pursuing this quest. Like him, you will not return home to the way it was!"


By James W Greenhalge 

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